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July 06, 2014 » Written under First to Fight series

Y’all know I can’t give up on the Marines forever. It’s a long-term love affair. And so, my newest project is the First to Fight series! 

But not just Marines. Oh, no. Because Marines are badass, of course. It’s just a fact. But what could be even a bit more badass than a Marine? How about a Marine AND a boxer?

Whoops…wrong boxer.

There we go! This one is a trilogy (beginning, middle, end) following three Marines working their asses off to be picked for the Marine Corps boxing team. Book one, BELOW THE BELT, will debut in April of 2015! (Check at the bottom for a teaser excerpt!)

Now, let’s head off a few questions I can guess are coming…

Question: Is this another ebook only?

Answer: Nope! I’m very happy to say this will be available in both PRINT and EBOOK!

Question: Does this pick up where your last Marine series left off?

Answer: Not really, no. Three brand new Marines, three brand new heroines, a brand new base and a whole new set of problems to handle. But if you want to get into the Marine spirit while you’re waiting for April, feel free to start with book 1 of the Semper Fi series, The Officer Says “I Do.” You can work your way through the trilogy and be all revved and ready to go for Brad and Marianne in April!

Question: Does this mean you’re giving up on the Bobcats?

Answer: Absolutely not! This series will be running simultaneously. It’s not all that uncommon for an author to have two series going at once. The timing of the releases will be working around each other. There are plenty more Santa Fe Bobcat books up my sleeve, and they WILL be released. I’ll have more details on following Bobcat books in the future. But of course, until then, you can always check out book 2’s page. Or you can always purchase book one if you haven’t already. The places to do so are here.

I think those are the most obvious questions. But I am more than happy to answer any others you might have.

So what do you think?


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