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Keep Calm and Tackle OnI’m very excited to share with everyone the first chapter of the first book of my brand new series, the Santa Fe Bobcats! This excerpt, from One Night with a Quarterback, introduces us to both Cassie Wainwright (the Bobcats’ head coach’s daughter) and Trey Owens (Bobcats’ starting QB) as they bump into each other for the first time, and have no clue who the each other are.

You can find the excerpt on the One Night with a Quarterback page. And if you’re so inclined, there are Pre-Order links available for your convenience! The book comes out for all e-reader devices on June 17th.

Meanwhile, I’m busy writing book two of the series, featuring the kicker, Killian Reeves and a very persistent reporter who is cramping his style and digging into dark places he’d rather never see the sun again.

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  1. Lynn Keller

    March 12th, 2014 - 9:37 pm

    Tried to pre-order on Amazon – forgot I already did. 😉 looking forward to another of your books!

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