Black Friday Winners

November 29, 2013 » Written under Contest

I hope you guys managed to stay safe during the Black Friday madness. And if you’re reading this while standing in line…stay strong! You can do this! Keep going!

Of course, everyone got the answer right to the trivia question. The answer to the question “What is Bea Muldoon’s dog?” is… MILTON! Now, meet the real-life Milton. Milton is a 4 (6? 8?) year old Boston terrier my sister adopted about 18 months ago.

Many of the characteristics of Book Milton are taken straight from Real-Life Milton. They are, quite literally, the same dog. My sister is convinced Milton should come with me on a book tour. She also has major delusions of grandeur. We let her.

Now on to the winners of the contest. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered. If you see your name on here, please use the Contact page of the website to contact me with your mailing address. Also, please put WINNER in the subject line. (Note: No two names are the same, so if you are wondering “Am I the only Sue S.?” … you are. I used the first name and last name initial for everyone.)

Teresa L.
Emily R.
Sharon L.
Mary S.
Michelle M.
Tricia B.
Moran V.
Amy D.
Jennifer R.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and if you weren’t Black Friday lucky this time, keep an eye out on my Facebook page for more chances to win in the near future!

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