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It’s been a few months…but a crazy time so I can’t really be blamed, right? But that’s okay, because I’m back and I’m sharing a very recent release as my newest Reading Recommendation! This month is A Lady by Midnight, by Tessa Dare.

A Lady by Midnight is the third book of the Spindle Cove series. This is one that doesn’t need to be read in order, but of course, like most series, it does enhance the enjoyment if you do. I enjoyed the other books of the series, but this was the book I’ve been waiting for.

Kate Taylor was born with a wine-colored mark on her temple. To some, this is an abomination. To others, it doesn’t even exist. She is simply a lovely friend and a staple of the community. She found her place in Spindle Cove, teaching music and enjoying the camaraderie. As an orphan, she has never grown up knowing her family or familial love, and she doesn’t expect anyone to love her in the future. But she does value her ability to take care of herself, and she does quite well at it.

Corporal Thorne (whose first name we don’t learn until late in the book) has been watching Kate from a distance since he came to Spindle Cove with the militia. He recognizes her from the past, but prays she doesn’t remember him in return. If she does, her illusions of both her past and present will be shattered. It’s best if he avoids her altogether to give her little chance for memories to creep in. But unfortunately, he can’t quite seem to leave her alone. He’s drawn to her, and not in a nostalgic way.

When a band of interesting strangers traipse into the sleepy town claiming to be Kate’s long lost relatives, Thorne sets himself as Kate’s protector and steps in to claim her as his fiancée. He claims it’s in name alone, and Kate can throw him over later when things settle down again. But his kisses don’t say “in name alone” and neither do his touches. He ignites wants and desires in Kate she can’t ignore. And despite his insistence they hold back and call off the engagement, Kate pushes to become lovers.

Thorne is perfectly imperfect. He’s not exactly the “good guy posing as a bad guy for the sake of the plot.” He really WAS sort of a bad character, though I think it’s understandable given the environment he was raised in. But he admits it, makes no bones about it, and is honest and up front about his shady dealings…at least as an adult. Kate is wonderfully matched for him. She’s confident in herself and knows what she has to offer and what she wants. She doesn’t need a man, but she wants Thorne specifically. They were so fun to watch, and this book had some hilarious quotes as well.

Tessa Dare always seems to make me emotional over her characters without turning me into a crybaby. It’s a great mix of humor and sensitive moments, action and mystery. And there were some fabulous, hilarious lines in this one that had me laughing out loud. I’m a huge Tessa Dare fan and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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Standard Monthly Disclaimer: I am not affiliated, nor do I receive payment/compensation for, any recommendations I give on my blog or any other social media outlets. These opinions are mine alone and I receive nothing for them but the pleasure of sharing books that I’ve enjoyed with other romance readers. All books I include in my monthly Recommended Reading posts were either paid for myself or borrowed from a local library.

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