Project Who Needs A Hero: Day 3

The meat and potatoes of the project! Two days ago, I purchased my supplies, which was an adventure in and of itself. Yesterday I did a lot of the dirty work…or so I thought. Yesterday was a BREEZE compared to today. But that’s okay. Today I painted the area. That’s pretty obvious, so I won’t bother you with the details there. It ended up looking like this:


I waited for it to dry. And after that, I started the process of putting up a shelf. Why a shelf? Remember, there was a big hole here from where the Cancer Box resided. And we’re probably waiting a year or so before knocking down the tile and drywall. At that point, we will likely hang a new, full cabinet rather than the mini one that is there. But for now, I wanted something in that space because it’s just so empty!

Here I am, ready to start using a power tool! Look at me. I’m all Betty Bad Ass.


And here I am, ten minutes later, when I realize I goofed and need a hammer to knock some anchors into the walls. Note: You can’t just drill into dry wall. You will make a boo-boo. Or two. Or seven… Not so Betty Bad Ass…

After a quick Skype chat with my critique partner and her husband (Shhh, don’t tell Hubs!) I was back on track. I hung the shelf with a medium amount of fuss, and was actually pretty stoked about my skill set at this point. Now it was time to clean up and decorate. Or, well, okay not decorate. But set things up. It’s going to be a coffee station! At least, until we change things around. Eventually it’ll hold a cinnamon shaker, some sweetener packets, cute mugs for the season, and a few K-cups. But this was all I had on hand tonight.


Let’s do a little side by side comparison. Those are my favorite!

Is it perfect? Not even close. The repair job wasn’t amazing or perfect, and I accidentally drilled too many holes for the shelf so I have to go back and spackle those. But it’s a hell of a lot better than what we had to begin with, which was a nasty hole and a big empty space. So I’ll take it!

And then I decided, since I was practically an expert now (HA!), I’d tackle one more small job. I hung a paper towel holder thingie (technical term, yeah?) in the laundry room. After quickly punching in the anchors (look at me, I’m so smart…)












I managed to hang the holder thingie with almost no fuss. Less than ten minutes, really. I’m extremely proud of myself for that one. Two weeks ago, doing this single thing by myself would have taken an hour. But after that stupid shelf in the kitchen, I’m feeling much better about my skills.

So there you have it. Hubs comes home late tonight, and I guess we’ll see what he thinks of the job I’ve done. Odds are, he’ll have something to say about it. But if he’s smart, he’ll make them POSITIVE things.

And I’ve learned some important things about myself. 1.) I can do more stuff than I let myself think. 2.) I don’t always have to do them to know I can…it’s okay to let Hubs take this crap on. I happen to like painting and picking out pretties… and 3.) I have awesome friends who are willing to Skype with me and waste their time just to make sure I know how to properly insert a drywall anchor.

So there you have it. What I gleaned from my project. I’m glad I did it! And I’m glad Tot got to watch Mommy learn something new and challenge herself a little bit.

(If you like crafts or home improvement projects, here’s a Link Round Up of a lot of great fall projects and other things of the sort.)


  1. Khriste Close

    October 2nd, 2012 - 11:28 am

    I think you did a fantastic first time out job!!!!

    Love the fact it is now a coffee station :)

    Nicely done :)

  2. Mary

    October 2nd, 2012 - 1:39 pm

    Great job!

  3. angel

    October 2nd, 2012 - 3:16 pm

    Yeah, you! So proud of ya.

  4. Keri Ford

    October 2nd, 2012 - 4:28 pm

    I knew you could do it!

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