Let the records show…

August 18, 2012 » Written under Real Life

Hubs was in the bathroom, re-wiring our new light fixture. I kept hearing grunts, curses and the faint ping of things as they were dropped from a high level, followed swiftly by an exasperated huff and the sound of him climbing down the ladder to pick up whatever he dropped.

It was not sounding good. But like a dutiful wife I am (ha!) I poked my head in, and the following conversation happened.


*Grumbles, curses, bad noises from work area*

Me: Can I help?

Hubs: *grunt, groan, curse* No.

Me: Okay then. Let the records show I did offer, and my offer of help was refused.

Hubs: *grumble curse snort* Records, my ass.

Five minutes later…

Hubs: I changed my mind.

Me: You want to take me on a cruise to the Bahamas for our seventh anniversary after all?!

Hubs: No, idiot. Come in here and help me.

Me: Sorry, but the records indicate you didn’t want help.

Hubs: I changed my mind.

Me: Official court documents cannot be changed on a whim.

Hubs: Change them.

Me: Sorry, can’t. The clerk is out.

Hubs: *sighs* When will the clerk be back?

Me: Oh, after lunch, I suppose.

Hubs: It’s 1 in the morning.

Me: Bureaucracy. *shrug* What can you do?

Five minutes later…

Me: So, about the Bahamas?

Hubs: Shut up.


For the record…I hid in the family room and read a book for thirty minutes, which gave him time to both finish the light and huff out all his temper. I win. Somehow, I shall parlay this win into a cruise. Somehow…

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