August 2012 Reading Recommendation

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Julie Anne Long’s How The Marquess Was Won is this month’s selection for Reading Recommendations. Sexual tension, ahoy! Oh my God, this book… I’ll warn you ahead of time that miles of sexual tension, build up, and banter are ahead.

Miss Phoebe Vale is a schoolteacher with a longing for a bonnet. (Doesn’t sound too funny when you type it out but I promise…) She meets Lord Ice, also known as Lord Dryden. (I kept thinking of him as Dry Ice…but I don’t think that was what the author was going for.) These two share some banter and a little flirt, but they’re dragged apart quickly. Fear not, dear readers…

Phoebe is saving up for a trip to Africa. So when she is invited to be a companion for a former student of hers, though she wasn’t thrilled with the girl, she takes the job. Every penny counts. But that job takes her directly into the line of Lord Ice.

These two meet several times, in secret, on accident and on purpose. And their conversations are awesome and adorable at the same time. I loved how they got to know each other via these conversations.

If you’re into witty banter and a slow (but delicious) build for sexual tension, this is one for you!

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