The Officer Says “I Do” hits stands!

July 03, 2012 » Written under Jeanette Murray, Semper Fi, Sourcebooks, The Officer Says I Do

It’s here! It’s here! What’s here? Christmas? No! My first paperback release is here! But it’s almost as exciting as Christmas! In fact, for an adult author, it’s likely more exciting.

What’s even more exciting than a paperback release? Having no power! Yeah. Thanks to a magnificent wind storm that whipped through our area of the country over the weekend, we were without power for several days. They told us to keep expecting no power for longer, but thank God, it came back on in the early afternoon Tuesday.

So what happened while the power went out? People started reading! I got back online and my Twitter feed was blowing up with lovely comments. I thought I would share a few with you now, because some of these reviews just made me seriously smile.

“I really enjoyed this “opposites attract” story. I think Tim and Skye make a wonderful couple and I can’t wait to read Jeremy and Madison’s story in December. This is shaping up to be an absolutely fabulous series. Bravo, Jeanette!! You got it right. A great story for glimpses into the military life. It most definitely resonated with me.” – Smitten With Reading

“I really liked the plot, the characters and the pace of the story! I could relate in one way or another to each of the main and supporting characters. I also enjoyed the dynamic of each of the relationships (family and friends and heck, even the “enemy”) and look forward to getting to know them further!” – Reading Between The Wines Book Club

“As a military wife, Ms. Murray provides an authentic view into the inner workings of the military and military marriages. I, too, am a military wife and I can assure you, she is spot on with this part of the novel. The Officer Says “I Do” is a cleverly written novel with a unique but realistic storyline and delightfully developed characters.” – Book Reviews & More by Kathy

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear people enjoying the hard work. I’m sure not everyone will love the book (it’s inevitable) but I do appreciate everyone giving a new paperback release a chance, and trying out a brand new series. So if you’ve picked up the book (either as an ARC or as a regular reader) thank you for giving Tim, Skye, and the rest of the Semper Fi cast a chance!

Haven’t given it a chance yet? Interested in trying the book? Here you go!

Amazon: Paperback | Kindle

Barnes & Noble: Paperback | Nook Book

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