Military Moment: Mary & Larry

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Hey everyone! It’s time for another Military Moment, this time brought to you by a super-cute couple named Mary and Larry. Larry’s been in the Army for twenty-four years now, so he’s been around the block a time or two. And these two have been married for fourteen years, so we’ve got some experience on our side this time! Talk about knowing how to go the distance. Let’s see what we can glean from their time together, shall we?

Jeanette: I know it’s been about fifteen years, but think back to when you first met. What was the first thing that attracted you to each other?

Mary: His cute butt.  Ok seriously (well that is the first thing I noticed) he seemed very kind and really interested in what I was saying.  Plus his hillbilly accent is totally cute!

Larry:  I was attracted to her eyes.

Jeanette: Well played, Larry. Well played. In your fourteen married years, you guys have to have seen some of the low points of military life. What’s been the biggest struggle?

Mary: Time apart.  Even when he isn’t deployed, he works long hours and some weekends/24 hour shifts.

Larry:  Long work hours cut into family time.

Jeanette: Yeah, even when they’re “there” sometimes they’re not there. Hard! But along with the sacrifices come rewards. How about some rewards of the lifestyle?

Mary:  Moving to places we would never have had the opportunity to live without the Army.  The time apart, while a struggle, makes you appreciate your time together so much more.

Larry: Job security and meeting new people all over the United States.


Jeanette: In this economy, job security is a hard one to argue against. And the time apart is definitely a struggle. But you must have come up with some good ways of staying connected.

Mary:  Writing letters, webcam when possible, email.

Larry:  We write to one another when I am deployed and chat on the internet when possible.

Jeanette: Internet. God bless it through deployments. Last question, and then I’ll let you two go on your way. What’s been the biggest benefit of the military so far in your lives?

Mary:   The opportunity to live in many different places, making new friends along the way.

Larry: Being in the military has afforded me the opportunity to travel. Even if just in the United States with the family I have had the pleasure of being stationed in several states and met some wonderful people along the way.

Jeanette: Travel, definitely a good one. So many people would kill to live where some military members get stationed for a few years. Nice way to try out a place! And by the way, you guys have just the cutest homecoming picture ever. How adorable is that family, everyone? That’s pure happiness right there.

Thanks to Larry and Mary for taking time to talk with me! I hope you guys will come back next time for my next installment of Military Moments when I get to chat up a new military couple!

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