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Just for Kicks - New Release Cover


Another contemporary coming your way this month, but when I read a ton of them, is that any shock? This month, my recommendation is Susan Andersen’s Just for Kicks. The book was recently re-released with an updated cover, but I happen to like the original, which is the one I own. I think it’s the shoes… Anyway, not the point!

This one’s got a lot of humor, a lot of sass, and some absolutely adorable pets thrown in the mix. Plus, added tension and fun, a surly and (understandably) pissed off teenage nephew to deal with. I’m not always a fan of kids (minors in general, really) in romance books. But when it works, it works well. And I think this book pulled it off.

Carly Jackson, our heroine, is a showgirl at the Avventurato Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She’s spunky, she’s loud, she dresses for fun and show, and she loves animals.

Our hero, Wolfgang Jones, is one of the head security guys at the same Casino. He’s also her new neighbor. And also? He pretty much hates animals. He finds Carly loud, brash, and completely ridiculous. Which is fine with her, as she finds him robotic, boring and a stick in the mud. No problems at all, right?

I love these “opposites attract” stories. Wolf’s got plans, big ones, and they don’t include a woman like Carly in them. Carly’s got plans too, like having FUN. And that obviously isn’t Wolf’s forte in life. But even as these two bump heads—both at work and at home—the sparks from their meetings are more than just anger.


Just for Kicks - Original Cover

I do adore how Wolf is described too. Big (which I love, being a 5’10” gal myself), with white blond hair and a faint German accent. Ah, I love it. I’m not usually a fan of blond men, actually, but it works here. (Isn’t that a funny pattern? So many of my recommended reads tend to be books that break my typical “rules” for reading! Ha!)

There’s another plot involving a stalker for poor Carly, but I wouldn’t call this a suspense. It’s just a nice backdrop to highlight the growing relationship and the emotions behind it.

As I said, this one’s a re-release so you can likely find it easily at bookstores in paperback, or as an ebook always. I hope you enjoyed this month’s Recommended Reading! And if you missed any of my previous ones, find the Recommended Reading category right here.

Happy Reading!


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