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February 18, 2012 » Written under Jeanette Murray, pictures, Real Life

I am so not a Craft Person. Yes, it’s capitalized. Craft Person. You know who they are. They carry knitting needles wherever they go. They make homemade birthday cards. They are the ones who have each year of their children’s lives meticulously immortalized in a scrapbook hall of fame. Or could take the World’s Ugliest End Table and turn it into a shelving unit that Martha Stewart would envy.

I am not a Craft Person. I’m pretty sure if elementary school let you fail a student in art, I would have been. My art projects sort of looked like I dug all the scraps from the other students out of the trash, glued it together, and presented it with love. I mean, I took shop class in middle school so I could avoid taking Home Ec. I think my mother still shudders in horrified anticipation when I present her with a wrapped gift, thinking it might be yet another noodle necklace she’ll be forced to wear for a day and a half and exclaim how pretty it is while simultaneously trying to apply lotion to the rash it’s giving her.

Moving on.

I had a weekend free and decided to give this a try. Something, some bizarre urge to “create” something that didn’t involve words just overtook my body. I spent a copious amount of time in JoAnn Fabrics (PS: that place? Sort of addictive.) looking for the simple supplies for which I’m sure a Craft Person could have found in under 3 minutes. I thought and planned and labored over the mental planning of this project. And then I worried over every step, sighing with relief as each step turned out to work just fine after all.

Ladies and gentlemen… I painted a jar.

No, please, no need for applause. I’m just a regular citizen like you…

We have one of those huge pickle jars sitting on our bookshelf to collect spare change. It was functional, but ugly. As I was using this child-free weekend to organize my office and streamline things, I decided that ugly was no longer allowed. So I painted the jar and created a pretty label for it.



It won’t solve world peace, but hey. For my first craft as an adult, I had to start somewhere.

So everyone, I present to you…my new spare change jar.

Next week I’ll share with you what my newly-streamlined, de-cluttered and overall improved desk and work area looks like. I’m rather proud, honestly. Until then…happy reading!


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