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Maya Banks is a woman of many faces. Or, rather, genres. She writes erotic romance, Harlequin Desires, romantic suspense, and now historical romance. But one of the great parts about Maya from a reader standpoint is that no matter what genre you’re reading in, she’s got the same great voice. You know you’ll get some action, some suspense, some twists and turns and a huge emotional component.

Nothing new with the McCabe Trilogy. Same great writing, just packed in plaid. And what a fantastic wrapping!

I do love me some Highlanders. And the McCabe brothers are fantastic representations of the male Highland species. The overarching plot of the three books involves the McCabe clan and their need to defeat their enemy, Duncan, who is a constant threat to their weakened defenses. The threat is constant, and provides some real mystery and suspense woven into the courtship of these three men.


All three books were great reads. But I have to say my favorite was Seduction of a Highland Lass (Alaric and Keeley’s story). Mostly because of one specific scene. The handfast. I know last month I said I didn’t cry while reading, and I seriously DO NOT cry. But I’m going to make you think I do because this scene had me tearing up. The absolute intensity of the emotion, from high to low, along with the added action of the scene created this build-up in me, as the reader, that I couldn’t hold back any more.

I also thought it was amusing that poor Rionna couldn’t seem to keep a groom. Every time she had one of the McCabe brothers lined up, one of the guy went and got married to someone else! Not that she loved Ewan or Alaric. And it worked out, because in the end, she was clearly supposed to be with Caelen. But it was an amusing thread through the series…even though it wasn’t necessarily meant to be funny. Just one of those “soft chuckle” moments.


(I swear, saying I cried reading a book is not going to be a habit. But, well, I’m recommending the best of what I’ve read. So naturally this will be the books that had the biggest impact on me. But when you read over 200 books a year, and about 2 make you cry, those are small odds.)

If you’re looking for a good historical series and you want to mix up the regency romances, I suggest these books.

And now, I leave you with this awesome trailer that author Tessa Dare created for Maya Banks based on this series. It’s hilarious.

Check back next month to see which book (or books…or author…) I’ll be recommending next!


Standard Monthly Disclaimer: I am not affiliated, nor do I receive payment/compensation for, any recommendations I give on my blog or any other social media outlets. These opinions are mine alone and I receive nothing for them but the pleasure of sharing books that I’ve enjoyed with other romance readers.

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