Forever Lazy

December 21, 2011 » Written under blogging, Contest, Jeanette Murray, pictures, Real Life

Yes. The Forever Lazy. No idea what I’m talking about? Really? Well hold on a moment. Go here, watch this video, and then come back. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

The Forever Lazy was recently used as a bargaining chip between myself and my husband. First one to break and get fast food would have to put on the Forever Lazy and have their picture taken in it.

I lost. It was a Sonic Route 44 Diet Vanilla Coke, if you’re curious what broke me.

So. With that being said…I ordered the punishment and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, it was here. Actually, it’s been here for awhile, I just didn’t have time to take pictures. But I did tonight. And so, without further delay, here are the pictures of me in the Forever Lazy.

First, we have me just showing off the amazing nature that is this garment. Note the classy way the black zipper contrasts against the hot pink. The way the fit makes me look like a sexy hot air balloon was draped over my lifeless body and left for dead. It’s hot. You want some.



Then we move on to the catalog pose. I had to highlight the hood, because what pair of pajamas would be complete without something to cover your head and smother you to death while you sleep? Hubs thinks that it’s actually to be used for ninja assassin assignments, and honestly, I think he might be right. Much as it pains me to write that sentence… Look at how well I blend in to that door behind me. I could sneak up on a Navy SEAL and they wouldn’t know what hit them. (Okay, at least, they wouldn’t know what hit them. The sneaking part, it might be more like … no.)



And lastly, we have the comparison to a dearly beloved Disney character. Frankly, this thing will save you a ton of cash if you wear it on Halloween and just tell everyone you’re Peach from Finding Nemo. Naturally, you’d have to walk around with your hands in the air. And it would help for authenticity purposes if you could have a friend constantly yell at you, “CAN’T HEAR YOU, PEACH!” Because nothing ruins Halloween like an inauthentic costume.



I leave you with these parting words, dear readers… If you see someone approaching and they are wearing a Forever Lazy…run. Because you never know, they might just be a ninja assassin in disguise. (Or a walking starfish…which is also really creepy.) Quite clever, when you think about it. I mean, look at me. Do you think anyone would believe I had the stealth to break it out ninja-style? Surprise is our friend.


Edited to add: The next day, Hubs got in on the action and modeled the butt flap! Don’t miss that. His expression is one of pure joy.


  1. Sidney

    December 21st, 2011 - 8:43 am

    That’s kind of amazing.

  2. Sela Carsen

    December 21st, 2011 - 9:45 am

    I’m…wow. That’s really…

    You know, those Vanilla Cokes are yummy.

  3. Suzan

    December 21st, 2011 - 11:04 am

    That… is kind of awesome.

    Also? Ninja Assassin Starfish!!

  4. Evanne

    December 21st, 2011 - 11:08 am

    Hot pink? That’s all you need to be irresistible :)

  5. Sasha Devlin

    December 21st, 2011 - 11:11 am

    The ways in which I worry for your offspring. I’m so sad for you but I can’t stop laughing. Promise the next time we meet you’ll be wearing this

  6. Keri Ford

    December 21st, 2011 - 11:34 am

    *whistles* omg, look at you hot stuff looking like a pink thing wrapped in cheap material. Break me off a peice of that action!

  7. Jeanette

    December 21st, 2011 - 11:35 am

    Thanks all!

    Personally, I think the best part of the whole thing is how the garment adds 20 visual pounds to your frame. It’s amazing, really, how it does that. Who wouldn’t want to zip up an extra few pounds for the holidays?

  8. Carrie

    December 21st, 2011 - 12:09 pm

    Look at you, all stealth in your ninja pink! Two questions: where is the poop hatch…and does it work?

  9. Amanda Usen

    December 21st, 2011 - 12:26 pm

    Yup – I want some of that! (But consider the source – I read this while wolfing down a McD crispy ranch BLT while wearing my new all-fleece, all the time Old Navy uniform.) Still, any woman who can rock the #foreverlazy deserves a pink ninja medal of velour! Ooops, valor!

  10. JulieDestry

    December 21st, 2011 - 1:35 pm

    what?! there is no BUTT FLAP shot.

    i call shenanigans.

    p.s. RAWR!!!

    • Suzan

      December 21st, 2011 - 3:02 pm

      Dude. Did not even think about that. Where IS the butt flap shot?? Not that I want to see behind the butt flap but there is one… right?

      • Jeanette

        December 21st, 2011 - 3:32 pm

        There most certainly is a butt flap. But where I had envisioned a cute back door thing, like literally just around the booty, it’s actually the entire back side. Like, the zipper starts at one seam on the side and runs to the OTHER seam on the side. It’s not nearly as endearing as you would think…

  11. Kate Pearce

    December 21st, 2011 - 6:16 pm

    Wow, what did it do to your legs? Where exactly does the crotch hit, knee level?? LOL I love it!

  12. J.K. Harper

    December 21st, 2011 - 9:34 pm

    Oh, I scared the cats with my laughing. That is AWESOME! Sort of. I loved this post. And the pictures. Thank you for being brave…and for losing a bet.

  13. Kimberly Menozzi

    December 22nd, 2011 - 7:07 am

    What’s even more terrifying to me is that I wouldn’t mind having one. My office is bloomin’ cold and the warmth would be nice.

    Yeah, that’s it. That’s my reason. Yeah, sure.

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