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November 06, 2011 » Written under blogging, Jeanette Murray, Real Life, Update

This month, so many of my writing buddies are “competing” in Nano, which is National Novel Writing Month. A month that encourages anyone who has ever held the desire to write a novel to give it a shot. Huge support, and a place to whine when the pressure gets to you. It’s a fantastic motivation tool.

Sadly, I won’t be competing this year. I’ve got edits to finish up! But that means that Honor Bound is one step closer to hitting shelves, so I can’t complain there. As far as work goes, I’ve got to finish up the first draft of the second book (Duty Calls) in the Semper Fi series. And also look back to book three and start plotting there, as some things have changed.

Fun wise, Hubs and I will be attending Straight No Chaser next weekend! I’m incredibly excited about this. Straight No Chaser is an all-male acapella group that was start at IU and now puts out CDs of their own. I absolutely love their Christmas CD and listen to it even when it’s not the holiday season. This is my first time seeing them live in concert. But my parents went last year and they assured me we’re in for a big treat. I think they’re right!

Are you doing anything fun for November? How about Thanksgiving plans, traveling anywhere fun or special?

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Have a good month, everyone!


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