And may all your Thanksgivings be…this confusing

November 28, 2011 » Written under Jeanette Murray, Real Life

Me: I don’t care. You know it doesn’t matter to me what we eat. Hell, if Taco Bell was open, I’d say let’s eat that.

Hubs: I’m sorry, what? Taco Bell? For Thanksgiving?

Me: I’m sorry, how is that any worse than eating frozen pizza, which is the current plan?

Hubs: But at least pizza is American!

Me: *raised brow*

Hubs: Well, you know. More so than tacos.

Me: Right. Because frozen pizza is more American than tacos from Taco Bell. The Bell is really known for the authenticity of their Mexican food.

Hubs: …shut up.


Which is really just his way of saying the Murrays hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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