The Game Of Love has a cover

July 08, 2011 » Written under Carina Press, Covers, Jeanette Murray, The Game Of Love

The Game of Love has a cover and a release date. The official release date is August 29, 2011. It will be available on all major ebook retailers, including the Amazon Kindle and the Barns & Noble Nook. I’m very excited about my first release, and in the coming weeks (especially in August) I’ll have a few teaser excerpts to post and show you, along with some more info about the behind the scenes of the book itself.

But first, the big reveal! I am very pleased with the art department and the job they did with the cover. Let’s face it…the guy has a hot bod. I just sort of stare at it from time to time. Partly in reflection of the hard work I put in to the book itself. And partly just because I like to look at him. No shame for me. Enjoy!



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