Moving, Marines and Monsters…oh my!

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We moved to another apartment, thank God. It’s a big change, size wise. It has a huge den (they call it a basement, but whatever) that we are using as a sort of playroom and storage center. My office is much bigger (yay!). Actually, everything is bigger. But oh my God, moving is such a pain in the ass. We’re still not done, but we had a few months left on the old place so we’re not scrambling to get things out. It’s just one annoying trip after another. I almost wonder if packing up the entire apartment in one swoop would have been better. But we literally moved less than a mile away. So that seemed wasteful, to gather the boxes necessary for that. Oh well.

I just turned in my first round of edits for The Game Of Love. I’m so excited for this book to come out. I also got the opportunity to school my wonderful editor on the finer points of high school athletics. The hero and heroine of the book are a HS football coach and tennis coach, respectively. And I played hardcore sports in high school myself. Clearly not football, but tennis and volleyball. And was friends with people from every sport. So the athletic side of high school is sort of ingrained in my mind. But my dear editor did not play sports at all. haha She claims to have been a bookworm during school. So she had a lot of questions about how things worked. Doesn’t bother me though. It makes me think twice about my own work, make sure it’s accessible to people on every level. I need to be questioned, as much as sometimes it can be frustrating. It’s what makes a book stronger.

I’m also on the second draft of what I affectionately call Book One. Why One? Because it’s the first book of a planned trilogy. C’mon, do you really need me to tell you what the other books are currently named? I didn’t think so. This book is due in late May or early June. So I really do need to buckle down and get to it. And I am. But I think I’m starting to wear on my husband’s patience. Asking about the logistics of Marine-related stuff all the time is getting tiresome for him, I think. haha Oh, didn’t I mention that? The heroes of all three books are Marines. Yeah, I know, I really stretched for that one, didn’t I? haha But hey, that whole “write what you know” adage. Plus…Marines are hot. Especially to those who don’t put up with one on a daily basis. 😉

It’s getting harder to get work done while the toddler is awake though. Used to be, I could work while she played at my feet, or nearby, content and happy and semi-quiet. Now she’s all over the place, and when she’s not happy…oh my Lord. It’s painful. Full-on monster. I love her, oh God do I love her. But there are days when I just want to lock myself in the bathroom, sprawl in the empty tub with my laptop and never come out. Luckily, hubster is great about taking her the minute he walks in the door so I can sprint to my office and lock myself in and get work done.

In the coming months, there’ll be changes! I have actually begun to work with Wax Creative Designs for my new website layout. They work for such huge authors as Julia Quinn, Lori Foster, Jaci Burton, etc. I’m very lucky to have their talent contributing to my new website.


That’s all for now. I’ll check in again later. Hope you are having a good March, and that wherever you are, spring is right around the corner!

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