February Update

What’s going on? Good question!

Right now, I am starting edits on my first book in the Semper Fi series. This one is such a fun story. These two characters—Tim and Skye—are just the polar opposites on so many things. And yet, they really do have some great similarities, too. Of course, that can be harder to find underneath all the amusing conflicts that pop up.

And while that is being edited, I am awaiting notice from my editor at Carina Press to start the editing process for The Game Of Love. This book…oh. It’s like your first born…sort of. It was painful at times, it was joyous many times, it was quite the learning experience. Haha I’m the oldest, and many times my mom (jokingly) referred to me as “the learning curve.” And that’s not a new joke. But it is funny…even if it’s true. This was my first-ever attempt at a full length book. My first attempt at handling more than 4 characters at any given time. At writing family dynamics. So many firsts. I am so excited for this book to break ground.

Thanks for checking in, and I hope you come back soon to see what kind of fun changes are happening as my release day grows nearer. Lots of fun things to add to the site with the launch of my first book!


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