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January 22, 2011 » Written under Carina Press, The Game Of Love

After having a really informative phone meeting with other Carina Press authors and a few Harlequin folks, we learned about websites and how it fits in with your author brand. I realized my own website needs some tweaks, and so it’s time to make those! Hopefully there will be more traffic in this area as the release date for my first book, The Game Of Love, draws near. Sure, it’s still 8 months away…but I like to think positively. :) So I’ll be making some adjustments here and there, working on the overall feel and look of the site, along with adding some content to make it more fun!

So while I’ll try to keep the website as functioning as possible, forewarned that this is (at this time) a work in progress. So if something doesn’t work for you, a link is broken, whatever…let me know! I’d love to fix it and make the place shiny and new for you all.

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