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My crazy post from the other day. haha

My current work in progress–book one in the Semper Fi Series–has our two main characters meeting in Vegas. One lives there, one’s a visitor. The debate is on as to whether they actually go through with a quickie wedding, whether the marriage would be legal if they do, or if they chicken out at the last second. But I needed to find some information from wedding chapels and how they handle certain hypothetical situations. Luckily for me, when the brainstorm hit, I realized that most chapels are open either very late, or 24/7. So that led to some very interesting conversations. :)

I learned quickly that people respond better to you when you start out by explaining that you are a romance writer doing research for your next book, and would they be gracious enough to take a few moments and answer some questions? Rather than “Hi, I’m doing some research. Can you tell me what happens when someone comes into your chapel completely plowed?”

Yes, I do not have the greatest phone skills. haha For some reason, my brain freezes on the phone. In person, I’m fine. Email? Great. But the phone, for whatever reason, is my nemesis.

Well, either way, I got the answers I needed so I’m off to work more on this story! Check me out here or at Tales on Thursdays, it’s my regular blogging day. :)

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