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Picked up the new Nora Roberts, Susan Mallory, Lisa Kleypas and Linda Lael Miller’s books yesterday. Managed to actually finish the Kleypas novel Love In The Afternoon in, well, one afternoon. (Okay, an afternoon and an evening.) It’s the final novel following the Hathaway family. I’ve really enjoyed this series and I’ll be sad to see them go. It wasn’t my favorite of the bunch. That is, I think, a tie between Amelia’s story (Mine Till Midnight) and Poppy’s story (Tempt Me At Twilight). But it was definitely a good read, as usual. I would read it again and recommend it.

Kleypas is extremely well known for her historical romance paperbacks. But she took a brief hop into, well, I guess it’d be Women’s Fiction and also into the contemporary setting with her series about the Travis family. Told in first person from the heroine’s point of view, there have been three so far. There’s one Travis sibling left, but I’m not sure whether he has a book coming anytime soon.

But in the back of the Love In The Afternoon book was an excerpt from Kleypas’s newest book, scheduled for release in hardback Christmastime, 2010. It appears to be a contemporary romance (not women’s fiction or in first person), just judging by the few pages of excerpt we are given. If so, I’m interested to see what happens when Kleypas branches out of the historical romance genre.

Maybe tomorrow or the next day I’ll have a short review for whichever book I end up reading next.

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