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If you followed along the last week, Emmanuelle Morgen (my agent) and I had a lot of fun! A few Q&A sessions, and then also a contest. If you entered the contest for a chance at a one-chapter critique by Emmanuelle herself, today is the day where you learn if your luck came due. And […]

On Discover A New Love, they are hosting a live chat with me! Tonight, 9pm Eastern (8pm Central, etc.) I’ll be on hand to talk about whatever you want. Yup, YOU! You pick the topics. Ask the questions. Pose the ponderances. (I don’t think that’s a word, but roll with me here.) And the best […]

Hey everyone! It’s time for another Military Moment, this time brought to you by a super-cute couple named Mary and Larry. Larry’s been in the Army for twenty-four years now, so he’s been around the block a time or two. And these two have been married for fourteen years, so we’ve got some experience on […]

You read that right. Cake balls. It probably brings to mind that one SNL skit from forever ago with Alec Baldwin. But not quite the same. But Cake Pops are sweeping the nation (did you know you could order a cake pop at Starbucks??) I decided to try my hand at these delicious new treats. […]

  Honor Bound, the first book in the Semper Fi series, is undergoing some changes. After some discussion, it was decided that the book title could use a little tweak. And so the team at Sourcebooks and I brainstormed, and eventually the end result was The Officer Says I Do. I think, from the back […]

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My desk lately has received quite a workout. Not necessarily from me, but from all the absolute crap it’d been holding. You’ve heard the phrase “a messy room is the sign of a messy mind”? Yeah. That. My writing was blocked, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then I glanced around and […]

The other day, Amanda Usen posted a blog about her taking back the kitchen, and included a picture of her husband. We had a running conversation on Twitter about how our husbands were inspiring to our own fictional heroes. Hers is a chef and she writes … chefs! Mine is a Marine and my first […]

Also known as: Party Time! That’s right. I’ve signed with an agent. I am so unbelievably excited. Emmanuelle Morgen, of Judith Ehrlich Literary Management, has deemed me worthy enough to benefit from her excellence. I could not be more thrilled. You know how, when you’re dating and people always tell you “You’ll just know when […]

We moved to another apartment, thank God. It’s a big change, size wise. It has a huge den (they call it a basement, but whatever) that we are using as a sort of playroom and storage center. My office is much bigger (yay!). Actually, everything is bigger. But oh my God, moving is such a […]