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We’ve reached over 500 readers on the Jeanette Murray Facebook fan page! I say “we” because, clearly, without the readers (aka: YOU!) we wouldn’t get to this point. It really excites me to see the readership grow, because that’s every author’s dream. Reaching as many readers, touching their lives even for a second. So in […]

With the Olympics on every night (and my family watching religiously) I thought I’d post an excerpt from The Game of Love that’s sports-related. Sort of… 😉 _____________________ Brett watched afternoon practice from the top of the stadium’s concrete bleachers. He could see every hole in the defense, every missed opportunity from the offense. The […]

Like the free stuff in life? How about something that’s free and useful? Works for me, right? I have a few of these calendar magnets that also have my Game of Love cover on them, and I would love to give them away to deserving readers such as yourself! Exhibit A: See the usefulness portrayed […]

Oh My! (Come on, y’all saw that one coming, right?) So first of all, The Game of Love is finally out! YES! I know, I’m excited too. It’s available not only through Carina Press’ own catalog, but at other major third party retailers. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) I will be linking you at the […]

On August 30th (the day after my book releases) I will be guest blogging on the Carina Press blog. On that day, I’ll be offering up a chance to win what I’m calling a Coaching Kit. Both my hero and heroine in The Game of Love are coaches (Brett: football and Christina: tennis), so that’s […]

On Limecello’s blog, there’s an on-going drive to raise both awareness and funds for Save the Children…a fantastic organization. HERE is the original post. It’s still going on, all you have to do is comment on the blog post to help out. And as promised, I said I would post a video excerpt of my […]

A Tasty Read reviewed The Game of Love and really enjoyed it! Just what I like to hear…that people are enjoying the book. It’s the best compliment a writer can receive. What did Tasty Read have to say? “The Game of Love is a fun, delicious read with sexy players.” “I loved the chemistry between […]

Every good coach has a playbook that they reference. Personal tricks, tried-and-true winners, and everything in between. And my hero and heroine are both coaches as well as athletes. So I decided that The Game of Love needed a playbook of its own! What’s in this playbook? Some of my favorite snippets and quotes from […]

The Game of Love has a cover and a release date. The official release date is August 29, 2011. It will be available on all major ebook retailers, including the Amazon Kindle and the Barns & Noble Nook. I’m very excited about my first release, and in the coming weeks (especially in August) I’ll have […]