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I’m our group’s Resident Big Mouth. That’s where the quote came from.    

So, I reached 400 “Likes” on my Facebook page and figured, eh…why not use it as an excuse to do a give-away? (Like I really need an excuse, right?) But hey, if you’re not on my Facebook page yet, go Like me! Maybe when I get to 500, I’ll do another one. 😉 Plus, I […]

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Here are all the stops I’ll be making on the blog tour for The Officer Says “I Do!” Check back to see if you’ve missed any, since each blog post should have a new, unique blog and a fresh excerpt. Plus, many of the stops along the way have giveaways! Free books are always fun, […]

It’s here! It’s here! What’s here? Christmas? No! My first paperback release is here! But it’s almost as exciting as Christmas! In fact, for an adult author, it’s likely more exciting. What’s even more exciting than a paperback release? Having no power! Yeah. Thanks to a magnificent wind storm that whipped through our area of […]

Me! That’s right, I turned 28 this past weekend. Sadly my husband had drill or he would have celebrated the event with me. That would make 9 birthdays out of 10 since we’ve been together that he’s missed. Poor guy, he always takes it way harder than I do. I’m not a big birthday person […]

And a release date. July 12, 2012, Honor Bound will be on a bookshelf near you! I can’t believe it. Insane. Having already had one release, as an e-book, the thought that this will be available as both e-book and mass market paperback, is truly awesome. It’s just one more way for readers to find […]

The other day, Amanda Usen posted a blog about her taking back the kitchen, and included a picture of her husband. We had a running conversation on Twitter about how our husbands were inspiring to our own fictional heroes. Hers is a chef and she writes … chefs! Mine is a Marine and my first […]

What’s going on? Good question! Right now, I am starting edits on my first book in the Semper Fi series. This one is such a fun story. These two characters—Tim and Skye—are just the polar opposites on so many things. And yet, they really do have some great similarities, too. Of course, that can be harder […]