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You read that right. Cake balls. It probably brings to mind that one SNL skit from forever ago with Alec Baldwin. But not quite the same. But Cake Pops are sweeping the nation (did you know you could order a cake pop at Starbucks??) I decided to try my hand at these delicious new treats. […]

Let’s take a jaunt back to the historical for this month’s Reading Recommendation. Today, I’m going to suggest you try out Stephanie Laurens, particularly her book Mastered by Love. This one is the final book of the Bastion Club series. Laurens is quite gifted with the art of the series, her Cynster family series is […]

I’ve got a toddler of the female variety. Along with the fussiness, the frivolity and the fun, little girls come with a lot of STUFF! And it’s the most ridiculously adorable stuff ever…at least most of the time. But what I’m tackling today is the issue of hair accessories. Hair ties, hair bows, hair bands, […]

  Another contemporary coming your way this month, but when I read a ton of them, is that any shock? This month, my recommendation is Susan Andersen’s Just for Kicks. The book was recently re-released with an updated cover, but I happen to like the original, which is the one I own. I think it’s […]

Moving is a part of my life. The military makes a permanent change of station (PCS) inevitable every couple of years. And we’re on that track right now, likely moving this summer. Where? Currently, not sure. But that’s the name of the game.   So I thought I would spread some moving tips and tricks […]

Yet another post about my Goodwill treasures I’d found. I’m turning into quite the crafter these days! Can you believe it? Neither can I. But there it is. This “treasure” was also purchased the same time I bought the duck-painting-turned-chalkboard. And I have to say, it was much easier than the chalkboard. Not that the […]

I will state up front that paranormal books are not really my chosen reading genre. Sometimes something will pull me in, but it’s rare. Which means when it does, the story or characters pulled me in so much it overrides my ambivalence toward the sub-genre. But then again, I doubt Suzanne Brockmann would call this […]

Another blog I follow issued a challenge to tackle a small project and make it pretty. While often times her blog focuses on large projects, like organizing an entire playroom or kitchen drawers. But this challenge was issued to her followers: take a small project and finish it. Even something as simple as covering a […]

My desk lately has received quite a workout. Not necessarily from me, but from all the absolute crap it’d been holding. You’ve heard the phrase “a messy room is the sign of a messy mind”? Yeah. That. My writing was blocked, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then I glanced around and […]

I am so not a Craft Person. Yes, it’s capitalized. Craft Person. You know who they are. They carry knitting needles wherever they go. They make homemade birthday cards. They are the ones who have each year of their children’s lives meticulously immortalized in a scrapbook hall of fame. Or could take the World’s Ugliest […]