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After the awesome Q&A with Emmanuelle yesterday on the blog, and the short Twitter time we had, today we’re going for the really serious stuff…the agent critique! One lucky winner will receive a 1 chapter critique to not exceed 7,000 words. Upon receiving the chapter, Emmanuelle will bounce the critique back to you in approximately […]

My awesome agent Emmanuelle Morgen (Stonesong Agency) is stopping by today to do a little Q & A with me! If you’re a reader, this might be a fun insight into a world you haven’t known of before. If you’re a writer, pay attention, because you might learn something new! Also, she’s coming back tomorrow […]

Here are all the stops I’ll be making on the blog tour for The Officer Says “I Do!” Check back to see if you’ve missed any, since each blog post should have a new, unique blog and a fresh excerpt. Plus, many of the stops along the way have giveaways! Free books are always fun, […]

Hey everyone! It’s time for another Military Moment, this time brought to you by a super-cute couple named Mary and Larry. Larry’s been in the Army for twenty-four years now, so he’s been around the block a time or two. And these two have been married for fourteen years, so we’ve got some experience on […]