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Artwork…we haz it. Everywhere. Now that Tot is in preschool (the real deal, not “pre-preschool”) she comes home with a masterpiece almost every time. And boy is she proud to show it off. And who could blame her? What child wouldn’t be proud to show off a pumpkin such as this? Okay to be fair, […]

The meat and potatoes of the project! Two days ago, I purchased my supplies, which was an adventure in and of itself. Yesterday I did a lot of the dirty work…or so I thought. Yesterday was a BREEZE compared to today. But that’s okay. Today I painted the area. That’s pretty obvious, so I won’t […]

So it’s day 2 of my “Anything you can do I can do … at least competently” crusade. Yesterday I actually went out and bought the junk I needed. Twice. Because I screwed up the first time I’m double cool. Now I actually had to DO the darn thing. First was to put up the […]

Who needs a hero? Well, I mean, I like the one I got. He’s pretty cute and I enjoy his company and he’s funny sometimes when he’s not asking for a wrench when he means pliers…but that’s not the point. The point is, Hubs is out of town, and I decided it was time to […]

How about some progress? Through the magic of TV (okay, blogging) there’s been a lot of progress since I posted those “Before” pictures last week. Don’t remember those? Oh, here you go… Go forth and bask in the 1980s awesomeness. But for the purpose of this update, we are focusing on the living room. Here’s […]

If you’ve followed me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that we recently moved. Again. For the millionth time. Hazard of the job. But this time, instead of renting, we bought a house. So between deadlines, pre-school car lines, learning a bizarre new work schedule for Hubs, joining the PTA (Oh my God, did I […]

As Hubs was replacing a hanging light fixture, he needed my help as a gopher. I’ll admit, I think gophers are disgusting creatures that ruin gardens and get hit by cars like the worthless animals they are (I mean, just watch where you’re going when you cross the road, dude) so I wasn’t keen to […]