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On Sunday, Hubs wanted to sleep in. Fine, no biggie. But we have a three year old who has zero sense of the phrase “volume control.” So I decided to make the morning into a little treat for us all. I took Tot out to grab donuts from Dunkin Donuts, giving us some fun time […]

Here are all the stops I’ll be making on the blog tour for The Officer Says “I Do!” Check back to see if you’ve missed any, since each blog post should have a new, unique blog and a fresh excerpt. Plus, many of the stops along the way have giveaways! Free books are always fun, […]

I really loved Disney movies…the animated ones, I mean. And I always had fond memories of these from growing up, especially the princess ones. Despite my being a tomboy, the princess ones got to me. I think because, even back then, I was looking for that romance. And most (if not all) the princess movies […]

I’ve got a toddler of the female variety. Along with the fussiness, the frivolity and the fun, little girls come with a lot of STUFF! And it’s the most ridiculously adorable stuff ever…at least most of the time. But what I’m tackling today is the issue of hair accessories. Hair ties, hair bows, hair bands, […]

Moving is a part of my life. The military makes a permanent change of station (PCS) inevitable every couple of years. And we’re on that track right now, likely moving this summer. Where? Currently, not sure. But that’s the name of the game.   So I thought I would spread some moving tips and tricks […]

Yet another post about my Goodwill treasures I’d found. I’m turning into quite the crafter these days! Can you believe it? Neither can I. But there it is. This “treasure” was also purchased the same time I bought the duck-painting-turned-chalkboard. And I have to say, it was much easier than the chalkboard. Not that the […]

This is the first monthly installment of my recommended reads. I might be an author, but I’m a reader first and foremost. So, why not spread the love and give my blog visitors my own recommendations for what I’ve read recently that I just couldn’t get enough of? This month’s recommended read is going to […]

You know you’re a good Daddy when you are spending your evenings putting together a retro toy kitchen for your baby girl. But with how tiny this thing was, I’m starting to realize why Santa has elves…all the small nooks and crannies to get into!   I hope your Christmas is lovely and wonderful and […]

My husband is a seriously awesome sport. Yesterday I showed off my “punishment” as a means of owning up to the bet that I lost. Haven’t seen those pictures yet? Go HERE. Seen enough? Are your retinas still attached? Good. Because there’s more awesomeness. Now, these were a “Buy One Get One Free” deal at […]