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If you followed along the last week, Emmanuelle Morgen (my agent) and I had a lot of fun! A few Q&A sessions, and then also a contest. If you entered the contest for a chance at a one-chapter critique by Emmanuelle herself, today is the day where you learn if your luck came due. And […]

After the awesome Q&A with Emmanuelle yesterday on the blog, and the short Twitter time we had, today we’re going for the really serious stuff…the agent critique! One lucky winner will receive a 1 chapter critique to not exceed 7,000 words. Upon receiving the chapter, Emmanuelle will bounce the critique back to you in approximately […]

My awesome agent Emmanuelle Morgen (Stonesong Agency) is stopping by today to do a little Q & A with me! If you’re a reader, this might be a fun insight into a world you haven’t known of before. If you’re a writer, pay attention, because you might learn something new! Also, she’s coming back tomorrow […]

Also known as: Party Time! That’s right. I’ve signed with an agent. I am so unbelievably excited. Emmanuelle Morgen, of Judith Ehrlich Literary Management, has deemed me worthy enough to benefit from her excellence. I could not be more thrilled. You know how, when you’re dating and people always tell you “You’ll just know when […]